• Universal 4M DVR
  • Max. 8CH(2M, 4M), 4CH(8M/4K UHD)
  • Digital : HD-SDI, EX-SDI(1.0, 2.0, 2.1), TDM
  • Analog : AHD(4M), TVI(4M), CVBS(960H, SD)
  • IP(Ethernet) : Onvif, WESP
  • Embedded TDM RX, 4K UHD(HDMI) output
  • 2 Internal SATA HDDs
  • External storage capacity 128TB(eSATA), 256TB(NS04R/UHS04R)
  • Real Time Streaming(RTSP)
  • Service channel, Remote DVR
  • VMS(Control Center), Mobile App(WebEye), HTML5 WebViewer

UNIVERSAL  Support all kinds of existing video formats
From SD to UHD, including IPC, the Universal DVR support all kinds of video formats
The Universal DVR is the optimum solution for any site, any camera


Supports Various Output Formats
Supports 4K UHD(HDMI) output 
Supports digital (HD-SDI, EX-SDI, EX-SDI2.0)BNC output for long distance transmission
SDI output allows for long-distance monitoring environment at a reasonable cost combined


4K UHD  More Vivid &Sharper with Ultra High Definition
4K UHD is perfect for large area coverage and identifyingobjects at great distances
DVR supports 4M QHD (2x greater than Full-HD) and 4KUHD (4x greater than Full-HD) recording


TDM Time Division Multiplexer
This is transmission method where the max 8 channels video inputs are time-division multiplexed then can be transmitted over single optic or coaxial cable
Embedded TDM RX(EX-SDI) receives max 8ch video with single cable


Integration with Home network and IP emergency bell 
The efficient integrated control system can be built by integration between WEBGATE DVR and 3rd party’s specialized equipment(Home network, emergency bell and so on)
Already supports fully integration with a few brand’s specialized equipment
nterlocking development with 3rd party’s specialized equipment solutions based on our own professional R&D personnel


Free VMS 
Provide Central Monitoring Software (Control Center)for free, supporting Max. 1,024 DVRs with various and great functions.

Video input format BNC HD-SDI, EX-SDI(1.0 / 2.0 / 2.1), EX-SDI TDM
IP(Ethernet) WESP, Onvif Profile S
H.264, H.264+(*)
Resolution / Frame Rate HD-SDI
EX-SDI 1.0
EX-SDI 2.0
EX-SDI 2.1
1920×1080@30fps, 1920×1080@25fps
2560×1440@30fps, 2560×1440@25fps
3840×2160@30fps, 3840×2160@25fps
EX-SDI TDM 1920×1080@30fps, 1920×1080@25fps
AHD 1920×1080@30fps, 1920×1080@25fps
2560×1440@30fps, 2560×1440@25fps
3840×2160@15fps(*), 3840×2160@12fps(*)
TVI 1920×1080@30fps, 1920×1080@25fps
2560×1440@30fps, 2560×1440@25fps
3840×2160@15fps(*), 3840×2160@12fps(*)
CVBS(960H) 960×480@60i, 720×480@60i
960×576@50i, 720×576@50i
IP 1st stream: 1280×720~3840×2160
2nd stream: max 1280×720
Connectors 8ch, 75Ω BNC connector
CoC Control over Coax@AHD,TVI, All SDI
Video output Resolution HDMI : 3840×2160, 1920×1080
VGA : 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 800×600
BNC(CVBS) : 720×480, 720×576
Mode HDMI/VGA Main + CVBS Spot
HDMI Main + VGA Spot
BNC(CVBS) 1, 4, 9 split-screen, Switching
BNC(SDI) Not supported
Compression H.264 / H.264+(*) / JPEG
Resolution 3840×2160, 2560×1440, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 960×480
Rate Max. 240fps@1920×1080, Max. 240fps@2560×1440, Max. 120fps@3840×2160
Quality 10 levels up to 12Mbps@2M, 12Mbps@4M, 16Mbps@8M(4K)
Mode Normal/Event Record, Schedule/Event Record, Emergency Record
Schedule 24hrs / 7days
Mode Instant Playback / Search
Speed Max. 240fps@1920×1080
Max. 240fps@2560×1440
Max. 120fps@3840×2160
Search type Date/Time, Calendar/Time-line, Event, Thumbnail(Interval/Motion), Text, Bookmark
Block playback 1day ~ 99days
Event source Motion detection, Sensor input, Video Loss, Text input, System
Event check schedule 24hrs / 7days
Event action Relay, Buzzer, E-mail, FTP, Video pop-up, Camera Preset, Mobile Alarm Push, System alarm
MD area 15×10
Text input POS/ATM support, AVE VSI Pro/Hydra support
Event source HDD fail. HDD almost full, Password fail, WRS/DDNS fail, Recording Fail
Event action Pop-up Message, Buzzer, E-mail, Relay, Mobile Alarm Push
Input/output 1 RCA input / HDMI & RCA output
Compression G.711
Direction Both
Protocols HIK-C, AHD, C1080(D1080), C1080PT-Z20, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Samsung, Panasonic and others
Interface  1 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps)
Type Static IP, Dynamic IP, xDSL
Bandwidth limit 0.01 ~ 100Mbps, unlimited
NTP Server / Client / Both
Users 10 Monitoring, 4 Playback
RTSP Supported
UPnP UPnP auto port forwarding
Streaming H.264 or H.264+(*) stream, High resolution
1 additional H.264 or H.264+(*) stream, Normal resolution
1 JPEG stream, Normal resolution
Service streaming Service Channel or Remote DVR
User level 1 admin, 10 users
User privilege Menu, PTZ, Relay, Playback, Power off, Copy, Network MIC, Camera setup
IP filtering Supported
Storage devices 2 internal SATA HDDs, 1 external eSATA Interface, Gigabit network for NS04R/UHS04R
RAID Level External storage including NS04R/UHS04R (Level 1/5/10)
File system High-performance proprietary file system
Data-loss protection against power interrupt
Safe HDD head parking in power failure
Capacity Max. 128TB with eSATA, Max. 256TB with cascaded NS04R/UHS04R
10TB HDD Supported
Backup type Multi-channel exe file, Single channel avi file, JPEG(Capture)
Backup device 2 USB 2.0 drive (1 front, 1 rear)
FAT32(Max 32GB), NTFS
S.M.A.R.T. Health checking and alarm, Reallocation sector monitoring and alarm
Serial port 1 RS-485
Sensor input 4 Dry-contacts + Sensor of IP Camera
Relay output 2 Relays
Device  IR remote controller, Joystick Keyboard(option), Mouse
HTML5 Webviewer Monitoring / Event / PTZ / Playback for browser supporting HTML5
WebViewer Monitoring / Event / PTZ / Playback for IE
Mobile viewer Monitoring / Playback / Alarm Push / PTZ / Audio / Log View with iPhone & Android
CMS Control Center, Max. 1024 units
Dimension 380×269×45 mm
Weight 1.86 Kg (No HDD)
Operating temperature 5°C~45°C (41°F ~ 113°F)
Operating humidity 80% below, free of condensation
Power DC 12V / 5A
IPFR Supporting IPFR (Intelligent Power Failure Recovery)
Power consumption Typical 19W (w/o HDD)
Approval KC, FCC, CE, RoHS
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